A Special 3D Labyrinth Puzzle to Celebrate the Rubik's Cube

Unique model: cubic Egg and the first 3 layer Art Egg

Masterpiece of Wooden Design

Made of cherry wood, stainless steel box

Limited Edition

2500 pcs will be produced, each individually numbered, built-in RFID chip for unique identification


Solving time for the first time: 5h+

No. 21: Trophy at the Rubik's Cube World Championship July 17-19, 2015, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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No. 22: Trophy at the Rubik's Cube US Nationals July 31 - August 2, 2015, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

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Main components of the puzzle are the Egg and the wand. The Egg is built of 3 moveable labyrinth layers, each having their own entrance and exit points. The 3 layers create together the complex labyrinth of the Egg. Solving the Egg means entering all 3 labyrinths simultaneously, finding the way through each and exiting them simultaneously.

RUBIK drawing 1RUBIK drawing 3The layers can be set in a position where the entrances and exits of the 3 labyrinths are synchronized, meaning that these are above each other and give access to all 3 labyrinths simultaneously. This position is indicated by markings on the Egg.

Solving the puzzle means finding the way through all 3 labyrinths simultaneously by inserting the wand at one marked endpoint into the Egg set to the initial position and pulling it out at the other marked endpoint after driving it through the Egg.
Once the wand inserted into all 3 labyrinths, you will be able to pull the wand out only at the marked tiles (ends of the route), the Egg will not release the wand at any other intermediate holes. Advance with the wand in the labyrinth not only by moving, pushing or pulling the wand, but also by moving the inner labyrinth layers in different positions – rotating, pulling and pushing them separately. Having started with the layers set to initial position, there will be only one correct path through the Egg connecting the two marked ends.


Inventor of Art Egg, András Zagyvai

Photo: Árpád Kurucz/Népszabadság

Photo by: Árpád Kurucz/Népszabadság


It all started here…

He never could have invented a logic puzzle intentionally, said András Zagyvai, creator of the Egg. A unique idea like this can only present itself when seeing with fresh eyes and approaching things with an open-minded, receptive attitude. His invention was born from all the experience gained on different areas of his life. The most important of these may be his expertise as an architect, his noble humility towards designing the form, finding the ideal proportions and searching for the right material and texture. The shape of the toy has to be in complete harmony with its internal structure and mechanism, just like in the case of buildings and other constructions. Due to this, the Egg is as much a design object or small sculpture as intellectually challenging logic puzzle.
The Egg has gained its final shape and mechanism with many years of minutiae refinement. András lived during those years in sequestration on a farm, where he set up a small workshop with an old lathe as its main equipment. He used this tool to manufacture both the first and simplest, as well as the latter, incredibly complex pieces. The idyllic set was covered with a thick layer of woodchips, product of many years’ work, contrasting the strict order of the worn tools aligned on the tables. The first pieces made here were toys for his two younger children, to develop their space perception and problem solving skills. With time, as he created more and more pieces, he realized that an almost infinite scale of complex and difficult puzzles await creation.
András described it like this: “The egg-shape is a symbol of fertility and creation, and the wand goes through its maze like we advance in life as our time passes. Sometimes we reach forks in the road and we have to take decisions on the directions we take.”
In the spirit of this beautiful metaphor, walked my father, András Zagyvai, his own, not so long labyrinth, and found his way out in 2013.
Péter Zagyvai (the inventor’s son)

“Washington” Egg was the first Art Egg to get public attention after winning World Puzzle Championship Grand Prix Award in Washington, the Jury Grand Prize 2012

2013-2015 – continuous development in two directions: Art Egg (handcrafted wooden puzzles, limited editions), Smart Egg (collections made of plastic)

May 2014 – first collection of 1 layer Smart Eggs (6 puzzles) promoted in the U.S.

2015 – starting cooperation with World Cube Association

Summer of 2015 – first Smart Egg competitions and promotion of the first 2 layer Smart Egg collection (3 puzzles)

September 2015 – promotion of the second series of 1 layer Smart Eggs (6 new puzzles)

Second Semester of 2015 – production and promotion of “Homage to Mr. Rubik” and “Washington” Art Eggs