``Washington`` Art Egg

... and the World Puzzle Championship 2012 Grand Prix Award winning ``Washington`` Egg goes to…

YOU… if you win one of the first SMART EGG COMPETITIONS this summer!

This puzzle won the Grand Prix Award, the Jury Grand Prize at the World Puzzle Championship 2012 in Washington.

2 layer Art Egg – 3D puzzle with a labyrinth inside the labyrinth

  • Components – the Egg and the wand
  • Built of 2 moveable labyrinth layers, each having their own entrance and exit points

Enter both labyrinths simultaneously and solve the Egg:

  • insert the wand at the top of the Egg
  • find the way through each by driving the wand through the Egg
  • exit the labyrinths simultaneously by pulling the wand out at the bottom of the Egg
  • Once the wand inserted into both labyrinths, you will be able to pull the wand out only at the endpoints – top or bottom of the Egg -, the Egg will not release the wand at any other intermediate holes

Advance with the wand in the labyrinth:

  • move, push or pull the wand
  • move the inner labyrinth layer in different positions – rotate, pull and push it

Only one correct path through the Egg connecting the top with the bottom!